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Kenyans Watch Live Debate on Proposed Constitution

Kenyans around the country watched a live debate Tuesday night between supporters and opponents of a proposed new constitution.

Most media outlets carried the debate between several high level government officials and members of parliament.

The Daily Nation newspaper reports that both sides accused the other of simply wanting more power.

The paper said Planning Minister Anyang Nyongo, who debated against the constitution, described the document as fraudulent and said it was drafted by small group of people "mesmerized by power."

On the other side of the debate, Information Minister Raphael Tuju, was quoted as saying his opponents are driven by "raw, vulgar ambition."

On November 21, Kenyans are scheduled to vote on the document - in which the president retains his wide-ranging powers. Opponents say it fails to establish a strong prime ministerial post, which they argue is needed to balance the president's authority.