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Burma Rulers Blame Western Governments, Dissidents for Hotel Blast

Burmese officials have blamed local dissident student groups, working with western governments, for Friday's bomb blast at a luxury hotel in Rangoon.

Officials held a rare news conference in the capital city Sunday to denounce the attack. They released a statement that alleged several groups, including the All Burma Students Democratic Front, the Karen National Union, and the Vigorous Burmese Student Warriors were behind the small blast outside the Traders Hotel, that did little damage and caused no injuries.

The Burmese Information Minister Brigadier General Kyaw Hsann also said authorities had thwarted a separate major bomb attack.

Officials have not mentioned any arrests in the alleged bomb plots.

Burma's tightly-guarded capital has seen a number of explosions in recent months. The government regularly blames exile groups that oppose military rule. Some dissidents say the blasts are carried out by government-linked groups to justify tighter security.

Some information for this report provided by AFP.