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Nigerian Plane Carrying 116 People Crashes After Takeoff

Nigerian authorities say a passenger jet with at least 116 people on board has crashed after taking off from Lagos Saturday night.

Officials say they located the wreckage of the Bellview Airlines plane Sunday north of Lagos and that rescue teams are en route to the scene.

There are conflicting reports about the fate of those on board. Reuters news agency quotes a Nigerian Red Cross official as saying the plane appeared to be completely destroyed. Earlier, a local government spokesman had spoken of possible survivors. There is also some confusion about the location of the crash.

The Boeing 737 plane, bound for Abuja, lost contact with the Lagos airport control tower shortly after taking off. Media reports say the pilot issued a distress call just before the plane disappeared from radar.

State radio says some high-level government officials were on board.

Some information for the report provided by Reuters and AP.