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US Civil Rights Leader Jackson Meets With Haiti's Aristide

U.S. civil rights leader Jesse Jackson says he regards deposed Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide as the Caribbean nation's legitimate leader.

Mr. Jackson said Wednesday he has met with the exiled ex-Haitian president in South Africa and says Mr. Aristide, who was democratically elected twice, was removed from office by the United States.

Mr. Aristide has lived in exile in South Africa since a popular uprising forced his departure as president in early 2004.

He said U.S. forces kidnapped him and forced him to leave Haiti, but the United States says Mr. Aristide requested U.S. aid in leaving Haiti.

Presidential elections are scheduled for December to replace a transitional government.

On Wednesday, Mr. Jackson also met with former South African President Nelson Mandela to discuss the HIV/AIDS pandemic in South Africa.