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Rioting Continues for 11th Night in France

Rioting by French youths has now resulted in the death of one person, as the violence continued through an eleventh straight night. The French government is facing mounting criticism for its inability to stop the unrest.

Rioting spread to 300 French towns by late Sunday night, as vandals burned more than 1400 vehicles. Dozens of police officers were wounded and almost 400 people were arrested.

Authorities say a man who was attacked Friday and had been in a coma has since died, the first fatality related to the violence.

The rioting worsened, despite a vow by French President Jacques Chirac to restore order and punish those involved. Mr. Chirac said that France was determined to be "stronger than those who want to sow violence or fear."

The French police union urged the government to impose a curfew on the hardest-hit areas, and call in the army to control the rioters.

The riots began October 27th -- an outburst of anger among youths mostly of Muslim and African origin in suburban Paris housing projects -- following the accidental deaths of two North African teenagers who thought they were being chased by police.

Analysts say the rioting is a means for youths from minority groups to express their frustration over racism and unemployment.