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Germany Remembers 60th Anniversary of Nuremberg Trials

Germany Sunday marked the 60th anniversary of the start of the Nuremberg Trials - the international military tribunal that tried captured Nazi leaders for war crimes.

Whitney Harris, 93 - who was a U.S. prosecutor - stood again in the courtroom Sunday and recalled that his job was to expose the crimes of those he calls evil men.

Others said they remember how ordinary the Nazi leaders looked in the courtroom without their military uniforms. Many of them claimed they were bureaucrats forced to carry out the orders of Adolf Hitler.

The Nuremberg Trials set the standard for modern day tribunals for former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, ex-Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and onetime leaders of the genocide in Rwanda.

Nuremberg defendants included Nazi air force chief Hermann Goering and Hitler's deputy, Rudolf Hess. They were tried by British French, Russian, and U.S. judges.

Twelve defendants were sentenced to death and a number of others were given long prison terms.