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Clinton Urges Serbs to Bring Karadzic, Mladic to Justice


Former U.S. President Bill Clinton has praised the lasting peace forged by the Dayton Peace Accords a decade ago, but urged Serbs to do more to bring top fugitive war crimes suspects in the Balkans to justice.

Writing in Wednesday's Wall Street Journal, Mr. Clinton said the U.S.-brokered agreement was not a perfect peace, but it ended Bosnia-Herzegovina's ethnic conflict and provided for national security and a shared form of government.

However, he stressed that Serb authorities must continue to work toward arresting and transferring all indicted war crimes suspects, especially, Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic, to The Hague war crimes tribunal. He said failure to do so will prevent the Balkans from breaking with the past.

The tribunal indicted the two fugitives for their roles in attacks on civilians during the Bosnian conflict.

Some information for this report\ provided by AFP.