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New Kenyan Government Crumbles As Several Ministers Refuse Their Posts

Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki's new government appears to be crumbling, with a growing number of appointees rejecting their posts.

Within hours after Mr. Kibaki announced his new government, at least two cabinet appointees, for local government and environment minister, had declined the jobs. At least 13 proposed deputy ministers rejected their posts as well.

Most of the politicians who turned down their posts complained Mr. Kibaki had not consulted their parties on shaping the new cabinet before it was unveiled on Wednesday.

Mr. Kibaki announced the new cabinet line-up just two weeks after dissolving his old administration after voters rejected a proposed new constitution - strongly backed by the president.

Most of his choices were political allies who had backed his bid for the new charter.

Critics said the document retained the president's powers while weakening a newly created post of prime minister.