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Center for Democratic Development in Ghana Educates Public About Human Rights and History of Violations

In Ghana, the Center for Democratic Development, CDD, has completed the first phase of a nationwide tour. Its goal is to educate the public about their rights and the history of human rights abuses over the past 37 years from independence through the years of military rule to the institution of multiparty democracy under former president Jerry Rawlings. The head of programs at the CDD, Peter Owusu-Donkor, told English to Africa’s Ruby Ofori they have produced a booklet summarizing the findings of the National Reconciliation Commission (NRC) report. The NRC interviewed more than 1300 victims of abuse and produced a voluminous 12,000-page report, which it released earlier this year. Mr. Owusu-Donkor said 3000 copies of the booklet, entitled Never Again, have been distributed in English and five other local languages. He said the aim of these education campaigns is to prevent human rights abuses occurring in the future. “We feel it’s important for people to read the report and come to the realization that atrocities were committed and we don’t need to have it again in our history.”