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Tanzanians Wait For Preliminary Results of Presidential and Parliamentary Elections


Tanzanians are waiting for some preliminary results from yesterday’s presidential and parliamentary elections, their third since the country adopted multiparty politics in 1992. Rajabu Kiravu is director of elections in Tanzania. He tells English to Africa reporter James Butty that Wednesday’s voting was smooth and peaceful. “The elections had been quiet; there’s no violence, and we are quite comfortable and happy that at least for the voting process, that has been well done. And now we are gearing ourselves for the counting of votes tomorrow.” Mr. Kiravu said the vote counting took place at polling stations, and the counted ballots were being moved to the tallying centers. “The preliminary results may be available from the afternoon (Thursday) to the evening; we might be getting some preliminary results in some constituencies.” Mr. Kiravu said Thursday’s preliminary results will cover the presidential election, and the commission will start announcing the preliminary results from the presidential elections by Friday. He said results of the parliamentary election would be declared at the constituency level. “Much of our stakeholders are the voters themselves – the public – and as along as the public is satisfied, then we’re sure the election was done well.” Mr. Kiravu said ruling party candidate Jakaya Kikwete, who collapsed Tuesday in the middle of his final campaign rally, is okay. “Quite okay, and he made his vote at his constituency.”