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Defeated Liberian Presidential Candidate Weah Claims To Be Misrepresented


In Liberia, defeated presidential candidate George Weah says he has been misrepresented by media reports representing him as a sore loser and a rabble rouser. The former football star is the head of the opposition party the Congress for Democratic Change. He lost the presidential run-off in November to former finance minister Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. Mr. Weah spoke to English to Africa reporter Ruby Ofori by mobile phone from Monrovia.He denies news reports that he has declared himself president and incited supporters to violence. “I know that I’m a noble person, and I believe in peace and stability George Weah describes himself as a noble person who believes in peace and stability for his country. He says his party has tally sheets, ballot papers and human evidence that the second round of voting, which gave the presidency to his competitor, was fraudulent. He says there’s a media “black-out” regarding the evidence in Liberia, although he says it is being presented in court. Mr. Weah says he’s told his supporters to keep calm while his case works its way through the legal system. He says his supporters will accept the ruling of the courts and “move on.”