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20,000 Electronic Gadgets Unveiled at Consumer Electronics Show

The world's largest consumer technology trade show has just wrapped up in the United States. The annual event has pitted traditional electronic leaders against each other and served as a launch pad for new electronic gadgets.

Twenty thousand new products were unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show. Held in a space large enough for 28 football fields, the show is really a giant electronics toy store for adults.

Brian Cooley is with CNet, an Internet-based media company. "This is where you come to see what's going to change the way we're entertained, communicate and stay organized in the year ahead."

New video gadgets unveiled at the show included a 261-centimeter plasma TV -- the largest screen ever, as well as a much smaller screen that fits on the visor of your car.

Electronic manufacturers are betting that 2006 is the year consumers switch from analog television to high definition TVs, three years before analog broadcasts are to be phased out in the U.S.

The new high definition monitors have already led to a competition for the multi billion-dollar digital videodisc market. HD-DVD and Blu Ray unveiled new and competing technologies. Victor Matsuda of Blu Ray says consumers will determine which company succeeds.

"It's going to be up to the consumers to decide, obviously. But we see such an advantage of us in industry support, we're very confident in our chances," he says.

New audio gadgets included a cordless telephone that lets you make free long distance calls over the Internet.

And from Pioneer, Chris Kehring unveiled a device which combines satellite radio with an MP3 player. "It's revolutionary in size. It's very small. It fits in your hand. You can carry it anywhere. But it gives you everything. "

In the Best of Show awards, the Samsung ZX20 was named the best new mobile phone. It will be the fastest mobile phone on the market with data speeds up to several megabytes says Larry Haag of Samsung. "We're getting faster and faster. This will allow you to download movies, download songs. We're into the heavy movie, heavy song business with this phone."

Internet giants Google and Yahoo are now also trying to become media companies.

Google announced it would sell CBS television programs and NBA basketball games for consumers to play on their computers.

And the new Yahoo! Go system allows users to access e-mail, photos and search for Internet content from their TV or mobile phone. Convergence was the big trend this year as traditional electronic companies offered a wide array of new multi-functional gadgets that merged content with technology.