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Apple Hopes to Continue Success with Updated Computer


Apple Computers had a strong sales year in 2005, thanks in part to the hugely popular iPod. It has an 83% share of the market. Apple is also trying to revolutionize its computer business.

The annual Mac World convention was held in San Francisco. Computer fans gathered to celebrate success and to see new products unveiled. This year, Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, introduced the newest iMac. It is two to three times faster than its predecessor, the iMacG5, thanks to a new chip by Intel. For years, Apple shunned Intel for their own technology, but now is excited about the new partnership.

"We are building in the latest and greatest technology -- the new Intel Core Duo chip. This is an amazing chip,” announced Mr. Jobs.

The new iMac is the latest product in a growing list of gadgets Apple has come out with over the last few years. The company is enjoying tremendous success with its most popular item, the iPod digital music player.

Apple sold 14 million iPods during the 2005 holiday season, helping it reach its highest sales ever: $5.7 billion.

Apple has sold a total of 42 million iPods to date. And today's iPods allow you to not only listen to music, but download videos and even television shows.

The iPod is becoming so popular that other retailers are designing products to accommodate the player. Levi Strauss plans on introducing the Redwire DLX jean this fall, which has a special pocket to fit your iPod and another pocket with a built-in iPod control. The jeans will cost $200.

There are other ways to accessorize your iPod. Dozens of cases are available to customize the iPod, as well as sound enhancing speakers and other gadgets.

For iPod lovers, nothing is too much.

Gushed one fan, "I've fallen in love with it. It's phenomenal."