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South Africa to Prosecute Apartheid-era Crimes


It’s been about three years since South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission ended its work. Not all who came before the TRC were granted amnesty. Now, the country’s National Prosecuting Authority says it will begin court action against some of those not granted amnesty by the TRC.

VOA reporter Delia Robertson is following the story. From Johannesburg, she spoke to English to Africa’s Joe De Capua about the expected prosecutions.

“This has always been on the cards, in fact. But when the TRC wrapped up its work in 2003 they made recommendations to the government on reparations to those who had suffered under apartheid, on a various range of things, including the prosecution of some of those who had been denied amnesty and also those who had not even applied…The government has been working on going through those recommendations and now they’ve come to this. They needed to establish some guidelines as to which cases they would prosecute and which they would not. And those guidelines have now been put in place,” she says.

Robertson says the NPA is expected to bring its first case within a few months.