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US Announces Olympic Team for Turin

The United States Olympic Committee has announced its team members for the upcoming Olympic Winter Games in Turin, Italy. The U.S. team will have 211 athletes, including 89 women and 122 men.

One of the women, Sarah Konrad, has made history by becoming the only U.S. female athlete to ever qualify in two sports for the same Winter Olympics. Konrad, 38, qualified in cross-country skiing and biathlon. Biathlon combines cross-country skiing with rifle marksmanship.

The 2006 U.S. Olympic team includes a remarkable 87 returning Olympians, 85 of them from the 2002 Winter Games team. Speedskater Chris Witty has competed in three Winter Olympics and as a cyclist in one Summer Olympics. Seven members of the team have competed in three previous Winter Games and 32 have been in two Olympics.

The oldest member of the U.S. team is curler Scott Baird who is 54. There are three 16-year-olds who are the youngest members. A total of 33 states are represented. California leads the way with 24, and Minnesota has 23 athletes on the team.