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Former Cheney Aide to Stand Trial in January 2007


A former top White House aide will stand trial next year on charges he blocked an investigation into the outing of a CIA agent.

Former vice presidential aide Lewis Libby accepted the January 2007 trial date at a hearing in Washington Friday. He has already pleaded not guilty.

Also Monday, Libby's lawyers said the special prosecutor in the case has not turned over secret intelligence documents they argue will prove their client's innocence.

The prosecutor said he has given them all relevant documents. He, in turn, charged that some White House e-mails he requested were missing. He said they had not been saved in the archives, as is normal policy.

The name of CIA agent Valerie Plame was revealed by a newspaper columnist in 2003, shortly after her husband publicly questioned President Bush's arguments for war in Iraq. The columnist said two administration officials told him Plame's name, which if done intentionally, would be a crime.