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Venezuela Rejects 'Terrorist' TV Allegations by US Congressman

U.S. lawmaker Connie Mack says Arabic-language al-Jazeera television, which has allied with Latin America's Telesur network, is nothing more than a mouthpiece for terrorists.

The Republican congressman from the southeastern U.S. state of Florida tells VOA he is very concerned about that alliance. Earlier, he said it would create a global network for terrorists and other enemies of freedom. He is calling for Congress to pass a plan authorizing the U.S. government to begin radio and television broadcasts into Venezuela.

Thursday, Venezuela's Communications Ministry said Congressman Mack's comments represent a veiled threat that the United States will attack Telesur's headquarters in Caracas.

A spokesman for the State Department said Friday it is not up to the U.S. government to dictate what sort of business deals media organizations can make.