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Egyptian Set Fire to Sunken Ferry's Company Office

Relatives of those presumed lost in the Egyptian ferry disaster have visited their displeasure against the firm that operated the ferry.

Angry relatives have ransacked the office of the company that owned the ill-fated ferry here at the Egyptian port, Safaga.

The ground is covered with documents and furniture that were smashed and then burned. The windows of the office were smashed, and computers broken to pieces. In fact, everything that was in this office was thrown out and destroyed.

Relatives blame the company for a disaster they believe could, and should, have been prevented.

The incident underscores growing frustration among hundreds of relatives, who are spending a fourth day on the streets here. They complain that they are not getting any information about their loved ones, and don't know if they are alive or dead.

Now, police have pushed the crowds away from the entrance to the port, where they have been congregating. Getting information could be even harder now than before.