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Allegations Of Gay Sex Rocks Cameroon's Politicians


The National Communications Council of Cameroon, NCC, says politicians and others accused by a local newspaper of engaging in gay sex should seek legal redress if they wish to contest the charges. The NCC is an independent organization that handles, among other duties, complaints against the press.

Last week, the Yaounde-based Anecdote newspaper published the names of high profile personalities it alleges have been involved in homosexual acts, which is illegal in Cameroon. The publisher relied on a list it acquired from a local health NGO – which says it has collected the names of up to 50 people who say they were molested. Government spokesperson Pierre Moukoko Mbonjo called the charges ridiculous, and psychological torture to the families of the accused.

Paul Nkemayang is a member of the National Communications Council. Nkemayang discussed the council’s stance on the issue with English to Africa reporter Angel Tabe. “We have simply advised those whose names appeared in the publication to seek legal redress, if they consider the publication very offending…The author says he has a basketful of documents to prove his case in court.”

Asked whether the Communications Council based its decision on the publisher’s membership in the council, not professional ethics, Nkemayang said “We were just lucky that as a member of the council and publisher of the article, we had the privilege to get the story right from the horse’s mouth. The pandora’s box has been opened, but what we are saying is that he ought to have at least limited it for the sake of our country’s image.”