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Zambian President Warns Voters About "Recycled" Politicians


In Zambia, President Levy Mwanawasa has warned Zambians to be wary of what he called recycled politicians whose aim is to be in leadership positions for their own selfish motives. The move is seen as an effort to help solicit votes for the ruling MMD party in the coming general elections. Mr. Mwanawasa urged Zambians to give his government another mandate for the continuation of positive developments initiated at the beginning of his term.

Deputy Minister of Information Benny Tetamashimba is a leading member of the MMD. Speaking to English to Africa reporter Peter Clottey, Tetamashimba said, in Zambia a recycled politician includes former ministers and others who have failed "lamentably": "So he was meaning the leaders who were there before he himself, President Levy Mwanawasa, took over; and these leaders who were ministers, they are the ones who made the economy of Zambia go down.”

Seaking about the status of the president’s drive against corruption, Tetamashimba said, ”The drive against corruption has become the number one priority for President Mwanawasa. President Mwanwasa believes that if there is corruption, then you end up stealing money from government coffers, which money is for the people of Zambia. What the president has been disappointed about has been the slowness of people being convicted and so on.”