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American Aerial Skier Sent Home Following Drunken Fight


American aerial skier Jeret Peterson has been kicked off the U.S. Olympic team and sent home after a drunken fight that was broken up by police.

U.S. Ski Team officials say Peterson, who goes by the nickname "Speedy," scuffled with a friend, who was left with a bloody lip and a chipped tooth. Police stopped the fight, but made no arrests.

The incident occurred early Friday after Peterson had apparently stayed out all night partying following his competition Thursday.

A U.S. Olympic official called the athlete's actions unacceptable and irresponsible. The official says Peterson had "the opportunity to represent himself, his sport and his country in a positive manner, and he chose to do otherwise."

The 24-year-old Peterson failed to win a medal despite executing an unprecedented jump with three flips and five twists he calls "the hurricane" that carried the highest degree of difficulty of any competitor. He finished in seventh place.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP, and AP.