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Eritrea Rejects Proposed Talks Over Border Dispute With Ethiopia


Eritrea has rejected a suggestion that fresh talks be held to resolve its border dispute with Ethiopia.

In a statement issued late Monday, the Eritrean Foreign Ministry said the dispute was legally concluded when an independent commission issued a ruling on the border in 2002.

It said any new talks or initiatives on the subject would be "utterly irrelevant."

Last week, parties that witnessed the peace agreement Eritrea and Ethiopia signed in 2000 said the border commission should hold a meeting with the two countries and work out technical details on marking the border.

The physical demarcation has been delayed because of Ethiopia's refusal to accept the commission's ruling.

A frustrated Eritrea imposed travel restrictions on U.N. peacekeepers watching the border last year, and expelled Western members of the U.N. staff.

The U.N. mission says the military situation along the border remains tense.