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Japan Sweeps Consumer Reports Magazine Auto Ratings 

Consumer Reports magazine's annual survey of preferred automobiles is out, and the results are not good news for U.S. automakers. As VOA's George Dwyer reports, this year - for the first time ever - all 10 of their choices for "top cars" are manufactured by Japanese automakers.

Consumer Reports magazine's choice of best cars of 2006 are the result of the most comprehensive auto-test program of any U.S. publication. Test director David Champion explains why he believes Japan captured all ten top picks.

"The Japanese seem to have great attention to detail. Everything is well thought out. Their cars are extremely reliable but also quite simple in terms of the engineering that has gone into them."

Honda claimed the most spots with four of its cars making the list, including the Odyssey - named best minivan for its anti-skid capabilities and child-safety features.

Mr. Chapman says about the minivan, "It's got nice, low windows here so when they're in the car, they can see out."

The low-priced Honda Civic was the only small car chosen for its performance in crash tests. Honda's Accord sedan and Ridgeline pickup truck also received high ratings for safety features. Also chosen this year, two Toyotas, two Subaru’s, an Infiniti and an Acura.