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Report: Human Rights Situation in Central Asia Still Unsatisfactory


The U.S. State Department says Kazakhstan's human rights record remained poor in 2005. It says the government continued to commit numerous human rights abuses, including arbitrary arrests and aggressive persecution of independent media and political opposition.

In neighboring Kyrgyzstan, the annual report notes improvements in several areas following the March overthrow of President Askar Akayev, although some problems remained.

The report describes the human rights situation in Tajikistan as poor. It says corruption hampered democratic and social reform, while the government continued to restrict basic human rights.

The State Department report says Turkmenistan is a country of particular concern. It says arbitrary arrests, torture, denial to due process and fair trial are rampant, and the government continues to restrict basic freedoms.

The report says Uzbekistan's record on human rights, already poor, worsened considerably in 2005. It says growing unemployment, as well as continuing high levels of corruption, had a negative impact on the economy and contributed to social unrest.