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Two Dead, Two Wounded Following Attack on UNHCR Compound in Southern Sudan

One person was killed and two others critically wounded last night, when armed intruders attacked the UNHCR compound in Yei in southern Sudan, about 30 kilometers north of the Uganda border.

The U.N. refugee agency says it happened around 8:30 pm local time. At the time of the attack, six other UNHCR international staff members were also in the compound, but they were not harmed.

Helene Caux is a spokesperson for the UNHCR. From Geneva, she spoke to English to Africa reporter Joe De Capua about the attack in Yei: “Very disturbing and worrying incident indeed. Yesterday evening around 8:30 pm local time, our compound, UNHCR compound in Yei in south Sudan, was attacked by two armed men, intruders. They entered the compound and basically there was a confrontation. The result is that one of our guards was killed; another guard was shot in the leg. And one of our international staff members (an Iraqi) was shot in the abdomen.

He was shot at least three times in the abdomen.” He’s listed in critical condition was flown to Nairobi after surgery in the southern Sudanese capital of Juba.

The reason for the attack is unknown. Caux says, “There is an investigation going on and we’re still trying to identify who were these two men. One of them was killed; one of the intruders was killed as well. The other one was captured by the local population and is right now in detention in Yei.”