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Leftist Declared Winner of San Salvador Mayoral Vote

At least seven people were injured in clashes with police in El Salvador's capital during demonstrations before final results of the city's mayoral race were announced.

Police used tear gas to quell supporters of the FMLN party in the streets of San Salvador late Wednesday, as they came out to give support to their candidate, Violeta Menjivar.

Menjivar was declared winner of the election a few hours later, after a review of votes in Sunday's election. The rightist ARENA party had won a close race with the leftist FMLN in legislative elections, and FMLN supporters feared ARENA would win the mayoral race, as well.

In a speech after being declared the winner, Menjivar pledged to put political differences behind and govern for all the people of the city.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP and Reuters.