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Afghan Violence Leaves One Lawmaker Dead, Five US Soldiers Wounded


Separate attacks in Afghanistan have wounded five U.S. soldiers and left a local government official dead.

The soldiers were wounded Saturday when their armored vehicle was hit by a bomb in eastern Kunar province. Coalition forces responded with small arms fire.

In a separate attack, a suicide bomber targeted Afghan and coalition forces in Kandahar province. None of the troops was reported killed or wounded. However, security forces shot and killed a suspected accomplice to the attack.

A purported Taleban spokesman claimed responsibility for the two bombings.

In northern Tahhar province, Afghan officials say unidentified gunmen killed a local government official.

They say Sayed Sadeq was killed by men who broke into his house early Saturday. Sadeq was the speaker of the Tahhar provincial assembly.

Some information for this report was provided by AP and AFP.