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Thai Prime Minister Open to All Proposals After Boycotted Elections

Early returns from Sunday's election in Thailand indicate Prime Minister Thaksin Shinwatra's party will win a majority as expected because of a boycott by the main political opposition. But many Thais cast ballots for no-candidate rather than the ruling party - making it difficult for Mr. Thaksin to form a new government. The election does not appear to have resolved Thailand's political crisis.

Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra Monday said he is open to all options after Sunday's election. He says he is ready to discuss any proposals for national reconciliation.

Mr. Thaksin called elections three years early after months of mass protests. He denies allegations of corruption and abuse of office and has refused opposition demands for him to resign.

The head of the Democrat Party, which boycotted the vote, Abdhisit Vejjajiva, says the election solved nothing.

He says the results show many people did not believe an election was the way to resolve the current leadership crisis.

The boycott has left parliamentary seats vacant - which will make it impossible to form a new government without another round of elections.