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Host of America's Number One Morning Show Leaves for New Anchor Position


America's beloved television personality Katie Couric has accepted a job with CBS to become the first woman to solo anchor a network evening newscast.

Couric announced her move to viewers Wednesday on NBC's The Today Show, the morning show she has hosted for 15 years. The show has been the number one rated morning show for 10 of those years.

The Today Show, which attracts more than six million viewers, offered Couric $20 million to stay, but she accepted a lower offer to anchor CBS Evening News because of the lure of a change and the prestige that accompanies an evening news anchor post.

Some media experts question whether the perky morning show host, whose show routinely covers celebrities, fashion and cooking, will have the seriousness and depth to carry the nation through trying times. Others argue her audience will follow her, helping to lift CBS out of third place in the three major networks' ratings competition.