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Police Want 'Playboy' Magazine to Postpone Next Indonesian Issue

The Indonesian police say they will ask the publishers of "Playboy" magazine to postpone next month's issue, after stone-throwing Islamic radicals attacked the magazine's office.

National police spokesman Anton Bachrul Alam said police planned to meet with Playboy publishers to discuss the matter.

He says police have a right to ask Playboy to hold off publishing the next issue, because Indonesia is a democratic country. He says police will be investigating possible pornographic elements in Playboy.

The first Indonesian issue of the American men's magazine went on sale last week, causing a stir among some strict Islamists.

The Indonesian version does not show nudity, although hardcore pornographic magazines and videos are openly sold in Jakarta markets. Many who read the magazine said it is no more risqué than others sold in Indonesia.

The Islamic militants say the will carry out more attacks, if Playboy continues to publish.

Indonesia is a secular nation with the world's largest Muslim population.