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Poll: More Americans Feel US Should Focus on Homefront

A new poll indicates a growing number of Americans feel the U.S. government should focus attention on problems at home.

A USA Today/CNN/Gallop poll released Friday, shows that 46 percent of those surveyed agreed with the statement that the United States "should mind its own business internationally and let other countries get along as best they can on their own."

51 percent of those surveyed did not agree with the statement.

Three years ago, just one-third of the respondents agreed with the sentiment.

The pollsters said their survey, taken between last Friday and Sunday, reflected similar results during the Vietnam War.

Twenty percent of Americans said their country should mind its own business in 1964, one year before the United States entered the conflict, compared to 40 percent who thought so in 1972, when the war was at its height.

The USA/CNN/Gallop survey also indicates attitudes have soured toward trade. Two-thirds of those polled said increased trade with other countries mostly hurt U.S. workers. Half of the respondents also said increased trade hurts American companies. In 1999, a majority of respondents said it mostly hurt workers but helped companies.