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British Adventurer to Appeal Russian Deportation Order

A British adventurer is set to appeal a Russian court order that could derail his attempt to walk around the world.

Karl Bushby has 10 days to challenge a ruling that orders his deportation for illegally crossing into Russia.

A judge in the remote Far East region of Chukotka Friday ruled that Bushby and his American companion Dimitry Kieffer entered Russia without going through a border checkpoint. They could be barred from returning to the country for five years.

Bushby and Kieffer are currently staying in a small village as they plan their next course of action. An appeal could take up to four months to be heard.

The two men were detained on April 1 after walking into Russia from Alaska across the frozen Bering Strait.

Bushby's attempt to walk around the world began in 1998 at the southern tip of South America.

The former paratrooper was hoping to end his journey in his native Britain in 2009 after covering some 60,000 kilometers.

Kieffer had joined Bushby for the crossing over the Bering Strait.