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Ugandan Army Says Displaced People Can Start Going Home

Uganda's military says people can start returning to their homes Tuesday from camps in parts of the country's war-ravaged north.

Officials say they will begin clearing out camps in the Lango and Teso regions of northern Uganda, and helping people return to their villages.

The army says it will provide villagers with six months of supplies, including seeds for planting crops and iron sheets for shelter.

The resettlement process does not extend to Uganda's Acholi region, where rebels remain active.

Twenty years of fighting between Ugandan troops and rebels have forced some 1.6 million people to leave their homes and seek shelter in camps.

The United Nations has called the situation in northern Uganda the world's largest forgotten humanitarian crisis.

The International Criminal Court has issued arrest warrants for leaders of the rebel Lord's Resistance Army. The L.R.A. is notorious for kidnapping children to use as fighters or sex slaves. Group leader Joseph Kony and top aides are believed to be operating out of bases in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Some information for this report was provided by Reuters.