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Pakistan Forces Kill Suspected Senior al-Qaida Militant


Pakistan security officials say they believe the militant killed in a clash with soldiers in a tribal area bordering Afghanistan on Thursday was a wanted al-Qaida terrorist.

Officials say the man is believed to be Abu Marwan al-Suri, a Saudi Arabian national. They say he was killed at a checkpoint near Khar, the main town in the Bajaur tribal district, when he opened fire on security personnel, killing one of them.

Officials say the gunman's body will undergo further testing to confirm his identity.

The man is believed to have been one of several senior al-Qaida members targeted in a U.S. bombing attack in January, in the town of Damadola, that killed at least 18 civilians and several al-Qaida operatives.

Pakistan's tribal areas along the Afghan border have been the scene of scores of military operations against remnants of the Taleban in the past two years.