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Chinese President Pledges Cooperation with US


Chinese President Hu Jintao has told an audience at Yale University his nation will remain focused on expanding its economy, but will play a useful role on the world stage.

In a speech Friday at the prestigious university, Mr. Hu said the United States and China must become "partners in constructive cooperation."

The Chinese leader spoke at the end of a four-day trip during which Americans expressed alarm at China's growing dominance in global economics. Little progress was reported on key policy and economic disagreements between Washington and Beijing. But after a meeting with President Bush at the White House Thursday, both sides pledged increased cooperation on such issues as Iran and North Korea's nuclear ambitions, as well as trade and human rights.

Mr. Hu today also made reference to what is perceived as American unilateralism in world affairs. Using artistic references, Mr. Hu said a composer cannot write an enchanting melody with one note, and a painter cannot make a landscape with one color.

He also said China would move "prudently" to expand political rights, but would not simply copy the political model of other nations.

During a speech Thursday night in Washington, Mr. Hu said he looks forward to a stable, mature relationship with the U.S., despite what he called "differences and even frictions."