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Nepal Quiet After King Agrees to Reinstate Parliament

  • Subel Bhandari

The streets of Nepal's capital Kathmandu are quiet after 19 days of sometimes violent demonstrations. Now many are looking forward to Friday, when parliament will reopen.

It appears to be business as usual in Kathmandu. With the end of a three-week opposition strike goods began returning to the capital.

Leaders of an alliance of opposition parties are expected to speak at a rally Thursday - a day before parliament is to be restored. This demonstrator plans to be at the rally - and he expects a crowd of 1.5 million people.

"Tomorrow, I think more than 15 Lakh [1 lakh equals 100,000] Nepali people will be going in the process and taking part in that rally," he said.

The protests pushed King Gyanendra to reinstate parliament and ask the opposition to name a prime minister, 15 months after he took control of the government.