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Solo Row Across Atlantic is Thwarted By Leaky Boat


A 41-year-old American man who was attempting a solo trip across the Atlantic has been rescued after his homemade boat sprang a leak and sank.

Victor Mooney set off from Senegal's Goree Island Sunday, hoping to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and to commemorate his ancestors, who were brought from West Africa to America on slave ships.

A report on Mooney's web site said he radioed for help within hours of his departure. The statement said Mooney is safe and resting on Goree Island.

Mooney had planned to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS in Africa, which he says has replaced slavery as the scourge of the African people.

England's "Ocean Rowing Society" says fewer than 50 people have completed solo-rows across the Atlantic.

Some information for this report was provided by AP.