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Ethiopian Leader Rejects War in Eritrea Border Dispute

Ethiopia's Prime Minister Meles Zenawi says his country will not initiate war with neighboring Eritrea, amid an ongoing border dispute.

Mr. Zenawi told parliament Tuesday, that his government has followed a path of peace, adding that it recognizes Eritrea's sovereignty.

But he warned that if Eritrea opens a military conflict, Ethiopia is prepared to respond.

The two Horn of Africa nations have been at odds since a two-year border war in 1998 that killed some 70,000 people.

Wednesday, officials from both countries are to meet with international mediators in London to discuss the border issue.

As part of a 2000 peace deal ending the border war, Ethiopia and Eritrea agreed to allow an independent commission draw the boundary.

But Ethiopia has refused to implement the group's 2002 decision, which gave the town of Badme to Eritrea.