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Reaching Indonesian Earthquake Victims Problematic for Aid Workers

International relief workers say they are getting food and medicine into central Java but are still facing obstacles reaching the victims of Saturday's earthquake in Indonesia.

The U.N. World Food Program has flown in more than 165 metric tons of food to earthquake stricken areas here - but reaching the victims is still problematic.

W.F.P. spokesperson Barry Came says there are few trucks to deliver supplies over damaged roads to village emergency centers and few food storage facilities in the more remote areas.

"So essentially the food disappears, we really don't know what happens - we can't monitor it," he said.

Came says he expects these problems to be overcome by Thursday. Some 22 countries have responded with money and personnel to help.

More than 5,800 have died from Saturday's 6.3 magnitude quake on Java Island. Some 200,000 people are homeless.

The Indonesian government has declared a three-month emergency and earmarked $107 million for recovery.