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Denver-Based Pop-Rock Band Gets Hot

  • Meghan McQuighan

The up and coming U.S. pop-rock group, "The Fray," is climbing the charts with a unique sound and melodic vocals.The story is narrated by Phil Alexiou.

Although young Denver natives Isaac Slade and Joe King barely spoke to each other during their high school years, at some point, they had the idea to begin a band. Since then, The Fray has been gaining popularity on a national level.

Since releasing their debut CD, "How to Save a Life" in September 2005, the Fray has become one of the hottest new bands, which is an unexpected turn of events says Isaac Slade, the Fray's lead vocalist and pianist.

"I think all of us have been really surprised from where it's gone,” Slade says. “I think we've had a couple of expectations and they have all been blown out of the water soundly, so everything else is extra from here on out. "

Joe King, guitarist and back-up vocalist, says, “Having people come pay to see you, you're just thrown in the open. It's a humbling, fearful, and exciting at the same time.

“Now the pressure is on for the listeners to enjoy what they listened to… and when they leave you know it was a great show and knowing that they want to come back,” he says.

Keeping the fans doesn't seem to be difficult for this four-member band. One of their hits, "Over my Head" is currently number eight on Billboard's top 100 songs. The band still recalls the first time they heard the hit on the radio.

"The stereo didn't work so we had to cram into the van,” Slade says.

Fans seem to like The Fray's unique sound, which utilizes a piano, drums, and two guitars. But where did they get that name?

"I was at a graduation party,” Slade says, “and we didn't have a name so we put out a fishbowl and had people put in their suggestions, and we didn't like any of the other ones, so we picked this one. "

The Fray is on tour for the next few months. They seem unimpressed by their success.

"What's changed? Well, our shoes have changed a lot,” says King. “People keep giving us free shoes. Dave got new shoes. We get new jeans all the time."

After their road tour, The Fray will return to their hometown of Denver, Colorado.