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Italians Celebrate Win Over Ghana

Italians celebrated their victory over Ghana in the first soccer game in the World Cup Championship under way in Germany. Millions of fans shaken by the massive match-fixing scandal at home were relieved when their national team won 2-0 in Hannover.

In squares across Italy, joyful fans celebrated the national soccer team's victory over Ghana. Thousands of Italians watched the game on giant screens set up in cities all over the country. When Italy scored, fans went wild with happiness.

Two goals by Andrea Pirlo and Vincenzo Laquinta resulted in Italy beating Ghana Monday night in Hannover, Germany. It was Italy's first match in the World Cup Championship and it could not have gone much better.

Ecstatic fans said this is the Italy they like to see on the field. Ghana missed a number of chances, but showed itself worthy of playing among soccer's elite.

The win came at an important moment for Italy, which has been rocked by a massive match-fixing scandal at home. It showed the team managed to keep its focus and morale high despite the scandal.

This Italian fan says it was an important victory after all the recent criticism. As always, he added, the national team unites amid all the criticism that divides Italy. At last it was the players on the field who had to do their part and at last they showed they could win.

Newspapers Tuesday also celebrated the win saying the victory had allowed Italians to forgot the widespread corruption scandal which has engulfed the national league. Prosecutors in four cities are investigating scores of people, including team officials, referees and player agents

After the games, goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, who has had to defend himself of allegations of illegal betting, said the team got what it wanted. Now, he added, let's please talk about soccer.

Italy is tied with the Czech Republic atop the Group E standings. The Czechs opened with a 3-0 win over the United States. Italy face the Americans next on Saturday.