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Ghana and Benin to Work for Peace in Region

West African neighbors Ghana and Benin say they will work together to consolidate peace throughout the sub-region. The two countries have also underscored the need to build adequate infrastructure for the development of the region.

The visit was President Boni's first to Ghana since he was elected in early April.

At a joint press conference on Saturday President Kufuor said Ghana is working to build up its energy capacity and assured President Boni of Ghana's continue support in that direction.

Ghana supplies electric power produced from its Akosombo hydro dam to Benin, which is reported to be facing an energy crisis.

President Kufuor also talked about the need to ease the movement of people and goods across borders within the sub-region to boast trade and he urged cooperation in dealing with cross-border crime. "Even as we open out to interaction, we do not allow infiltrators to abuse our system with say money laundering, with drug pushing, criminality, no we should hold together, security wise, to keep all these people away," he said.

President Boni called for a common vision to meet the challenges facing the region.

The two leaders also expressed the need for Nigeria, Benin, Togo and Ghana to work together to become an economic growth point within ECOWAS (Economic Community of West Africa States).

Ghana and Benin are leading democratic nations in the West Africa.