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Despite Loss, Ghana Proud of Black Stars' Performance at World Cup

It has been very anxious moments for fans in Ghana as they watched the Black Stars on television lose to Brazil 3 to 0. Ghana was the last African country to be eliminated from the World Cup. Despite the somber mood after the match, Ghanaians are proud of their soccer team.

Some fans in Ghana tooting their car horns at the end of the game against Brazil, celebrating what many here say was a brilliant performance by the Black Stars of Ghana who made their first ever appearance in the World Cup.

But streets in Accra were almost deserted, in sharp contrast to last week when the Black Stars beat United States and the streets of the capital erupted with boisterous celebrations.

The police had earlier cautioned fans to celebrate responsibly, and instructed regional and district commanders to deploy personnel on the street after the match to forestall a repeat of the lawlessness that marked last week's celebrations.

But the police did not have much to do on Tuesday, as many fans stayed off the streets. Those who did come out were seen in groups discussing the game. Many, like this fan, Victor, believe the Black Stars of Ghana came out of this year's World Cup with honors.

"I think Ghana met a team, a side that has experience, and is ranked very high in global soccer," said Victor. "And so although we went down 3-0, I think we have done our best. A country that has gone first time into world cup and has been able to reach the one sixteen stage."

As is often the case, some fans blamed the referees for the loss, saying they were unfair to Ghana's side.

"I think it is poor, I think the officiating throughout this World Cup has been scandalous, even you could see it in the last much between Portugal and the Netherlands, it was really bad, the officiating," said one fan. "I mean soccer is a man's game, if we are going to call every foul on the field then the floor of the game is not going to be there, so I think the officiating was bad, specially in this game."

But others say the Black Stars of Ghana wasted too many scoring opportunities.

Whatever went wrong, the Black Stars of Ghana will return home to a rousing welcome.