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Some Swaziland Officials Allegedly Involved in Corrupt Activities

Swaziland’s Prime Minister Themba Dlamini is said to be in possession of a list of allegedly corrupt cabinet ministers, senior government officials and members of parliament. The list was reportedly compiled from volunteered information implicating these officers in corrupt activities. Meanwhile, a commission has been established to investigate the list. Upon completion of the investigation, the prime minister will examine the results and recommend prosecution. Percy Simelani is the spokesman for Swaziland’s government; he spoke with Voice of America English to Africa reporter Peter Clottey about the rumored list.

“There is a list of cabinet ministers and members of parliament allegedly involved in corruption and they are being investigated. I should say that one of those who were investigated earlier has already been taken to court this Member of Parliament Titus Twala. The director of public prosecution has already filed government papers with the country’s court and he is going to face the music. The others are being investigated and when the investigation is complete the prime minister will take it from there.”

Simelani says, “Once the investigations are complete, as they have been completed with Titus Twala that’s when people are going to know that the prime minister is very serious. They can say whatever they want because they don’t want to be investigated. But at the end of the day the law will take its course and they would be locked in.”

The spokesman says corruption has challenged the country and needs to be addressed. “The level of corruption in the country is very high and the prime minister is taking the issue so seriously it deserves. Like any African country Swaziland has been engulfed with corruption for quite a spell. Very little if any was done until the present Prime Minister Themba Dlamini came in and said we cannot continue like this. People must face the music because if they steal from the coffers of the country, the country is not going to develop. And people cannot be allowed to accumulate money in a very wrong way, if you want to accumulate money you must work for it. And we cannot allow a situation whereby anybody can get money anyhow and become rich overnight and he is going to do it. He is very serious.”

Simelani says, “Unfortunately for those who are involved the people of Swaziland have been well sensitized; they are coming forward with information. Because the commissioners themselves are asking people to come and report whatever they know about the people who are involved and they are doing just that. And the people that have been identified are also allowed to have their side of the story. But at the end of the day I can assure you they will face the music.”

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