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Japan Still Pushing for Sanctions on N. Korea for Missile Tests

Japan is still pushing for sanctions against North Korea for last week's missile tests - a day after the U.N. Security Council delayed a vote to allow more time for diplomacy. Meanwhile, South Korea has criticized Japan for talk of possible pre-emptive military action against North Korea - saying it is intensifying the crisis.

Japan's Foreign Ministry spokesman, Tomohiko Taniguchi, says Tokyo still wants U.N. Security Council sanctions imposed on North Korea for its July 5 missile tests in the Sea of Japan.

"But we have just decided to put on hold for 24 hours or maximum 48 hours for the Chinese will come back with more concrete ideas about what North Korea has had to say to China," said Taniguchi.

The Security Council delayed a vote Monday to allow a Chinese delegation to talk to the North Koreans in Pyongyang.

U.S. envoy, Christopher Hill is in Asia to get regional governments to respond with one voice.

But differences persist. China opposes U.N. sanctions. South Korea questions their effectiveness. Japan is talking about changing its pacifist stance to allow pre-emptive military action against North Korea - something South Korea criticized Tuesday as reckless.