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Foreigners Flee Lebanon to Escape Israeli Bombardment

More foreign nationals are fleeing Lebanon to escape Israel's bombardment of the country.

Chartered ships and naval vessels from the United States, Britain and other countries are bringing thousands of people from Lebanon to the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

Australia Friday sent dozens of troops to Lebanon to help evacuate its citizens.

U.S. Marines are helping the evacuation of Americans, in a process that is expected to last several days. The U.S. Embassy in Turkey says Americans leaving Lebanon will also pass through Turkey on their way back to the United States.

India says one of its naval vessels is transporting Indians to Cyprus.

Sri Lanka says its relatively small embassy in Beirut is trying to contact nearly 100,000 Sri Lankans, most of whom work as domestic help throughout Lebanon.

Thousands of Lebanese and citizens of other Arab nations have traveled into Syria by road to escape the fighting.

U.S. officials say eight thousand of the 25,000 Americans in Lebanon have asked for help to leave.