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Former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon's Condition Deteriorates

Doctors treating former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon say his condition has deteriorated, over the past several days, but that he is not in imminent danger of dying.

Doctors say Ariel Sharon's kidney functions have deteriorated and as a result fluid is accumulating in his body. They also say that changes in his brain tissue indicate he may be suffering from an infection.

Mr. Sharon has been in what doctors call a vegetative state since suffering a massive stroke on January Fourth. He has not regained consciousness since then and breathes with the help of a respirator.

Doctors say his condition could improve if he was placed on dialysis, but dialysis could cause complications, because he is in a coma.

Ariel Sharon's plan to withdraw from much of the West Bank and demarcate Israel's final border with the Palestinians was adopted by his successor, Ehud Olmert, who won Israeli elections on March 28 becoming Israel's current prime minister.