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Jaret Reddick: Punk Soup for the Soul


Bowling for Soup is one of the hottest new punk bands on the American music scene. The musicians met while attending Midwestern State University. They have released nine albums, the most recent being "A Hangover You Don't Deserve." They recently performed in Washington, D.C., where VOA's Larry London had a chance to talk with the band's lead singer, Jaret Reddick.

One fan described the group. "They just rock out, you know, and their songs are true, at least the ones I've heard."

Bowling for Soup has had great success, but lead singer Jaret Reddick says they had trouble getting noticed. "When "Drunk Enough to Dance" came out, you know, "Girl All the Bad Guys Want" went to rock radio, and rock radio absolutely ignored it for six months. And then this weird thing happened, it turned December and this radio station in Indianapolis just started playing it, and relentlessly played it and played it and played it. And then, January 7, 2003, we were nominated for a Grammy for the song, and it just got wheels and wind from there. And we were in a different world then, you know?"

The Grammy nomination coincided with the birth of his daughter. He was in the delivery room with his wife when the nurse handed him the phone. Describing the event. "And my manager's like, ‘Hey man, you got nominated for a Grammy.’ And I'm like, ‘All right, thanks man, see you later.’ And I hung up. So my wife is like, ‘Who would call us at a time like this?’ And of course, I understand, I'm like, ‘It's nothing, I guess we got nominated for a Grammy.’ Of course the nurses are like, ‘WHAT?!, we should talk about it, and who else is in the thing.’ And I'm like, ‘Let's focus, let's get this kid out of here!’ "

Another hit,"1985," was written by Mitch Allen of SR-71. Jaret wanted to collaborate on the song, but Mitch had other plans. "So I was like, man, I'd love to work with you on it, and he was like, you know what, just take it, do with it what you want."

The band's name, "Bowling for Soup" is from a line used by American comedian Steve Martin. Jaret says people often wonder if any of the band members like to bowl. "We all bowl badly," Jaret admits.

At 34 years old, Jaret has been with the band for seven years, released nine albums, and has two kids. He thought his life would take a different path, but music intervened.

"This was never supposed to happen. I mean, I have two college degrees, I'm supposed to be working in some office, and going home every night at five o' clock, and on the weekends, grilling with my neighbors and watching sports. But unfortunately for the world, here I am."