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Journalist Arrested in Mumbai Train Blast Investigation

Indian police have arrested a journalist who may know who was behind the train blasts in Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay) earlier this month that killed nearly 200 people.

A senior police official says authorities suspect the editor of an Urdu language newspaper knew the people behind the blast, and may have helped them. He says the person is known to be a sympathizer of some hard-line Muslim organizations.

Nine people have been arrested so far, and all of them are Indian Muslims. They include a doctor, a chemical engineer and a computer software professional.

Indian security officials say the blasts were carried out by local Muslims who had links to Pakistan, with the Pakistan-based Kashmiri militant group Lashkar-e-Toiba a prime

suspect. The outlawed group has denied the charge.

The Pakistani government has also denied any role in the attacks and has offered to help India investigate the bombings. In response, New Delhi has challenged Islamabad to arrest Lashkar's leaders, and also underworld crime boss Dawood Ibrahim who is blamed for 1993 bombings in Mumbai.