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Hundreds of Supporters Rally for Somali Prime Minister

Hundreds of Somalis have rallied in support of interim Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi, who narrowly survived a no-confidence vote in parliament Sunday.

Crowds of supporters marched in the Somali town of Baidoa Monday carrying signs and chanting Mr. Gedi's name.

The no-confidence measure Sunday needed 139 votes for passage but only got 126. Eighty-eight lawmakers voted to keep Mr. Gedi in office.

Many lawmakers have criticized Mr. Gedi's decision to allow Ethiopian troops onto Somali soil. Ethiopia sent the troops earlier this month after Islamic militias that control much of southern Somalia appeared to be moving on the government's base of Baidoa.

The transitional government has international backing but virtually no power outside the town.

The government suffered major political blows last week when 18 cabinet ministers resigned and another overseeing a rewrite of the constitution was shot and killed.